Projects Overview (Astana)


Authors, Country of Residence, Degree level

Title and Key Message


Authors: Toir Sattorov

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: MSc

Effective utilization of nature and ecology. Agriculture and land management on Sherobod steppe.

The project is focused on developing new technologies on effective utilization of land resources and preventing soil erosion in the conditions with changeable climate to make agriculture on the steppes more sustainable.


Authors: Kamila Magziyeva, Kok-Saghyz TM Ltd (KSTM)

Country of Residence: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Degree: PhD

Industrial cultivation of dandelion taraxacum Kok-Saghyz and production of natural rubber in Kazakhstan – KZ-RUBBER

This on-going project is a successor to the “Drive4EU” and “EU-PEARLS (funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme), and “KZ PEARLS” (funded by the Kazakh Government) projects, represents the commercial phase of rubber production from the Kazakh Dandelion Taraxacum Kok-Saghyz (TKS). The project is focused on the production of natural high-quality rubber from the Kazakh Dandelion.


Authors: Shukhrat Muradov, Ravshan Eshonkulov

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: DSc, PhD

The Relationship of biodiversity and sustainability

The project shows the important role of biodiversity in relation to the sustainable existence of ecosystems and addresses ecological problems and their solutions, based on the use of the latest scientific achievements and practices.


Authors: Alim Asamatdinov

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: PhD

Agro-gel technology of gardening of the Aral region desert

The project aims to demonstrate an innovative method of restoring desert ecosystems and shows the economic feasibility of using Agro-gel technology. This technology uses moisture-retaining hydrogels with complex water storage, anti-filtration and anti-erosion effect on the soil for the economical use of water resources, accelerating the rate of reproduction of land fertility, reducing the degree of salinity, increasing the microbiological activity of the soil.


Authors: Doniyor Xoliqulov

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: MSc

Nickel production technology from copper-manufacturing waste

This project is focused on developing new low-waste, environmentally-friendly, resource saving technologies for extracting Nickel from copper production waste.


Authors: Zhandos Tauanov

Country of Residence: Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree: PhD Candidate

Coal Fly ash derived nanocomposites for radioactive iodide removal from water.

The project proposes efficient and cost-effective technology to remove hazardous and toxic materials from waster.


Authors: Aliya Chuyeva

Country of Residence: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Degree: PhD Candidate

Family Equestrian Business in Kazakhstan: Yes or No for Agritourism?

TThe project explores the recreational potential for agricultural entrepreneurs at equine business in Kazakhstan through the mutual business-format model to connect urban and rural development through marketing approach, which is central research question.


Authors: Khava Yevloyeva

Country of Residence: Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

Degree: MSc Candidate

Establishment of new Biomedpreparats on the basis of triterpenoids

The idea to obtain new biologically active biological products is based on the extraction of triterpene compounds from natural raw materials, as well as their modification in order.


Authors: Asomiddin Yusupov

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: PhD Candidate

Strategy of increasing the competitiveness of national exports in the context of liberalization of foreign trade

This project aims to study the experience of foreign developed and developing countries in ensuring the competitiveness of the national economy and in enhancing the international competitiveness of national exporters in the context of foreign trade liberalization.


Authors: Khalida Azhigulova et al.

Country of Residence: Leicester, UK

Degree: PhD Candidate

Project for sustainable development of village schools and rural areas in Kazakhstan

The project aims at sustainable development of villages in Kazakhstan through turning village schools into local cultural, education and research centres operating according to the best global and cutting-edge managerial, academic and research practices.


Authors: Nurgaliev Nurym

Country of Residence: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Degree: PhD Candidate

Hip-Hop Pedagogy

This project aims to develop practical program to teach and improve both technical and soft research skills of students.


Authors: Gulsanam Khassanova

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: Researcher

Trends in the development of professional education in the world

The purpose of the study is to develop methodological, practical proposals for the development of vocational education in the Republic of Uzbekistan based on the development trend of vocational education in the world.


Authors: Ablay Dosmaganbetov

Country of Residence: Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree: PhD Candidate

Foreign Direct Investments

The project describes the importance of infrastructure for FDI inflows in the Central Asian economies and identifies the minimum level of infrastructure required to attract foreign investments for the region.


Authors: Assel Nugmanova

Country of Residence: Astana, Kazakhstan

Degree: MSc

Do ring roads decrease traffic congestion in cities in the long run.

The project offers a new model of traffic management for Almaty according to the best global practices.


Authors: Kadirova Shafoat

Country of Residence: Uzbekistan

Degree: MSc

Eco touristic complex of “A new world in the ancient desert”

The project is designed to display the eco-touristic potentials of the “Jayran” eco-center and the area of the national park.


Authors: Gulnaz Atabayeva

Country of Residence: Kyrgyzstan

Degree: PhD

Central Asian Youth Network

The Project’s main idea is to create a program Sustainable Development Solutions Network to educate young people about the SDGs and create pathways for achieving them.