CERGE-EI Career Integration Fellowships 2021

The CERGE-EI Foundation provides fellowships for economists who obtained their Ph.D. and/or M.A. in North America, Australia/NZ or Western Europe and who are assuming a full-time academic position in any country in Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet republics in the Caucuses and Central Asia. The purpose of the fellowship is to make academic careers in the post-communist countries more attractive for such graduates by providing supplemental income to bridge the gap between academic and private sector salaries. The fellowship also provides services designed to improve the academic environment for fellows. The donors who provide funding for the fellowships seek to improve the quality of economics education in Central and Eastern Europe. Recent graduates from universities in North America, Australia/NZ or Western Europe who accept academic positions in the region are essential to that purpose.

The standard fellowship award is USD 8000 per year for three years. If the program receives sufficient funding in the future, the fellowships may be renewed. The fellowship is explicitly to be over and above the normal compensation paid by the university where the fellow will teach.

The fellowships provide additional benefits from CERGE-EI:
• The possibility to submit papers for consideration to the CERGE-EI working paper series on the same terms as our faculty, with editing services from the CERGE-EI Academic Skills Center for accepted work.
Access to the resources of the CERGE-EI library, including on-line resources.
• An invitation to spend up to one month at CERGE-EI in Prague as a visiting researcher. For residents outside of the Prague area, the fellowship will cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs.

• Applicants must be either a graduate in economics or a closely related field with their Ph.D. or, at a minimum, their Master’s degree from a university in North America, Australia/New Zealand or Western Europe, or from a US-accredited or chartered program in Central or Eastern Europe, or a near-graduate of such a program who expects to defend their Ph.D. thesis by the end of the first year of the fellowship.
• At the time of application, applicants must either hold a full-time academic position at any non- profit (private or public) university in any Central or Eastern European/former Soviet Union country, or must have pre-arranged for a full-time position starting no later than October 2021.
• The applicants’ academic position must include a teaching load of at least three economics courses (broadly defined within the economics discipline) per academic year.

Selection criteria:
All else being equal, preference is given to:
• Applicants holding a Ph.D. degree > Master’s degree.
• Applicants graduating from higher-ranked universities.
• Applicants who will teach a greater number of undergraduate courses with large enrollment.
• Applicants who will teach intro/principles of economics-type courses on a regular basis
• Applicants starting academic careers as opposed to those who with established careers.
• Applicants assuming positions at universities where their presence is likely to make the greatest positive impact on the university.

The deadline for all application materials to be submitted is Friday 02 April 2021 for fellowships starting in Fall 2021.

Administration of the fellowships:
Details on submitting an application are provided on the next page of this document. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. In cases where a job offer has been made to an applicant and the decision to accept a job offer is conditional upon receiving the fellowship, we endeavor to reach a fast- track decision within two weeks. If this applies to you, please mention it when applying.
• If the confirmation of employment cannot be submitted by the deadline, please explain the reason and indicate when it may be provided. If awarded, the fellowship cannot be paid without documentation of employment at the university.
• A selection committee composed of three CERGE-EI officials will select the fellows and notify all applicants by the mid-May 2021.
• Twice each year the fellow must submit a report to the CERGE-EI Foundation on his/her academic accomplishments during the past academic year, the courses taught, student enrollments, and his/her contacts with CERGE-EI including any potential research visit.
• The fellowships will be paid in two equal installments on 31 October and 31 March each year for applicants employed for the full academic year. Applicants who do not hold an academic position at the time of application will receive the first payment only after they begin their appointment. Fellowships will be paid in USD by wire transfer to a bank account specified by the fellow. Taxes due on the fellowship, if any, are the responsibility of the fellow.
• Fellows who have not formally defended their Ph.D. degree at the time of the application must provide evidence of completion within one year, by 31 May 2022. If not completed by that time, the fellowship payments may be suspended or reduced until the formal completion of the degree.

All first-time Teaching Fellows must attend and satisfactorily complete a one-week training course, which this year is tentatively scheduled for 12-18 August 2021 in Prague. Alternatives to the training course are not available so please ensure that you will be able to attend if awarded a fellowship.

• The CERGE-EI Foundation will cover all travel and accommodation costs connected with this event.
• The fellow must notify the Foundation about any major changes in his/her employment status. The fellowship will be discontinued when the fellow leaves the academic sector. It may be relocated to another university only with the approval of the CERGE-EI Foundation.

CERGE-EI Career Integration Fellowships 2021 – Application Details

The application process consists of two steps:
1. The first step is to register your intent to apply by filling out a short online form at this address and submitting a current CV:


2. Once that is complete, please submit the four components written below as attachments to:


1. A letter or email from the Dean or Department Chair from the proposed university confirming the job offer, describing the proposed teaching program and affirming that the awarding of the fellowship will not affect the compensation to be paid from the university, which must be equal to that offered to similar candidates without the fellowship. A scan of the employment contract can be submitted instead if available (no translation needed).
2. A letter of recommendation from your dissertation chair (can be sent to the email address listed above directly from your dissertation chair).
3. A brief job description (please indicate the percentage of time devoted to teaching, research, and other duties; which courses you teach or will teach and expected student enrollment in these courses).
4. A Motivation Statement that briefly describes why you decided to return to the region and what you expect to be able to contribute to the university and society where you teach / will teach.

These materials do not need to be submitted on the same day as the online application. We encourage applicants to complete the online form early and then the additional documents may be submitted afterwards (but before the 02 April 2021 deadline).