Top 10 Podcast Recommendations from PhD Students

Top 10 Podcast Recommendations from PhD Students

The KPAUK members recommend their most favourite 10 podcast channels. Podcasts are becoming popular source of knowledge and entertainment because it can be combined with other activities of a listener who can play a podcast while driving, working out at gym or cooking. In comparison with other media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, sound quality of podcasts is much better because it requires high-tech tools for recording and irrelevant sounds are edited out. Podcasts are for people striving to be successful, who are extremely busy and prefer to receive information on the go.

WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast
Psychologist Adam Grant explores the science of making work entertaining and satisfying. His podcasts will make you fall in love with work again.

Find your B
Podcast channel “Find your B (batyr - translated from Kazakh as a hero/superman)” aims to help its listeners to find their inner strength and confidence to accept themselves and not be ashamed to expose themselves to the world. The host interviews the most unique, creative and brave people mainly from Post-Soviet countries including Kazakhstan, who have found their calling of life.

TED Talks Education
The world’s brightest minds discuss their visions on education. What does future of education hold for us? What is the highest potential of our brains?

BBC inside science
Podcast owner and host Dr. Adam Rutherford is geneticist, author of numerous books and articles, shares scientific insights in his broadcasting programmes.

BBC4 Podcasts
BBC4 Podcasts include broad range of categories from sports talks to journalists’ investigations.

Как учиться
Автор подкаста Eldar Qudaibergenov: “Подкаст для тех, кто учится, и хочет учиться еще лучше.” Он ведет дискуссии на такие актуальные и волнующие Казахстанцев темы как онлайн обучение во время пандемии и почему в Казахстане учиться легко.

Личная эффективность
Специалист по личной эффективности и работе с привычками Никита Маклахов дает советы как совмещать эффективный труд и удовольствие от жизни.

Чай, кофе, поболтаем?
Наша соотечественница Бота живущая в Оксфорде рассуждает на жизненные темы со своими гостями. Слушая ее интервью, ощущаешь себя сидящей у Боты в гостиной в компании лучших друзей. На подкастах царит атмосфера искренности и теплоты.

Oprah’s supersoul conversations
Legendary Oprah invites her listeners to dive in profound conversations on seeking meaning of life, listening to authentic experiences and meeting unique personalities.

Осознанный отец
Елдар Кудайбергенов, первопроходец в своем роде, ведет подкаст на нераскрытую тему осознанного отцовства в Казахстанском обществе. К нему в студию приходят мужчины со своими историями познания счастья и сложностей родительства.

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