About us

The Kazakhstan PhD Association in the UK is a society of Kazakhstani PhD students studying in the UK. At the moment, the Association has 76 PhD Candidates and Doctors.

The research areas covered by our members include Investment, Business Management, Medicine, Blockchain, Finance, Economics, Petrochemistry, Agriculture, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Mathematics, Public Policy, International Relations, Law, Hydrology, Geology and IT.

Our Mission
Introduction of the best world practices and scientific developments for the benefit of the Kazakhstan and its people
Our Goal
The development, organisation and implementation of Kazakh-British interdisciplinary projects with scientific, practical and investment value

Tasks of Association

Establish institutional links between Kazakhstan and British research centers, industries and businesses.
Adapt research projects of doctoral students to the needs and interests of Kazakhstan's businesses and industries
Promote the sustainable development of Kazakhstan and enhance development of science
Attract investments in sustainable development projects

Association Membership

We are pleased to welcome new members based on one of the following criteria:

  • You are a PhD student or a PhD candidate from a British or another foreign university;
  • You are a PhD researcher working in a science or academy in Kazakhstan or any of the developed countries
  • You are a PhD holder working in the industry in Kazakhstan or any of the developed countries.
  • For PhD holders, a degree must be awarded in a foreign university of a developed country, such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, or in one of the developed countries of the European Union.

For the members from the UK, the payment of a membership fee of £10 is required to cover costs associated with the administration of the current website.

  • For members of the Association from other countries, the payment of the membership fee is optional.
  • Membership terms and conditions may be revised at the annual meeting of members by voting.
  • All members of the Association will be able to access events organised by the Association.
  • The 2019 calendar of the Association includes events in the UK and Kazakhstan only (can be discussed upon request).

Benefits of being a member

Membership in the Association provides the following benefits to its members:

  • regular email updates related to the:
  • news on PhD, postdoc and work opportunities
  • пevents: roundtables with the CEOs and, workshops for your academic and professional development, dinners and receptions
  • opportunities to be involved in our projects
  • Professional consultation from PhD members and Advisory Board
  • Access to our media partners
  • Opportunity to establish institutional links with research institutions and researchers in Central Asia and in the UK
  • Opportunity for PhD students to present their projects to a wider audience and get feedback from experts with different backgrounds
  • Opportunity for researchers to implement their projects for the benefit of communities in Central Asia
  • Networking with potential sponsors of their post-PhD projects
  • Forging collaborations with other researchers, academics and universities
  • News